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Hello and a warm welcome to my enchanting world, where desires and passions intertwine.
If you're a successful gentleman seeking the thrill and romance that Prague has to offer, look no further. I am Nela Elsner, an independent, exclusive escort based in Prague, with availability in Bratislava and throughout Europe.

With my unique blend of sophistication, pleasure, and an exceptional girlfriend experience (GFE), I am here to fulfill your desires and create unforgettable memories. Picture a rendezvous with a captivating woman who not only ignites playful spark of desire but is also able to create a profound human connection. As your exclusive companion in Prague, I offer discreet services for gentlemen who appreciate the finest things in life. As your exclusive companion in Prague, I offer discreet services for gentlemen who appreciate the finest things in life.

Prague escort Nela Elsner

My goal is to ignite a spark that transcends the physical realm, fostering a genuine connection built on trust, understanding, and shared pleasure. Let's create memories that will stay in your thoughts long after our time together has ended.
Indulge in the finest offerings of Prague (or Bratislava) as we embark on a journey filled with desire, intimacy, and genuine connection that will make you smile everytime you remember it. Unlock the secrets of companionship in Prague and discover what it means to be in the company of an exclusive escort. Trust in the beauty of our moments, where passion, desire, and shared pleasure merge. Let us create an enchanting experience that transcends expectations, leaving you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

More About Me

Quick facts

Nationality: Slovak
Age: Late 20s
Location: My month is usually split between Prague and Bratislava
Languages: English, Slovak & learning Spanish and Italian
Occupation: Student - computer science

Height: 159cm/ 5'2"
Weight: 52kg /114lb
Body type: Petite hourglass, slightly toned
Measurments: 84cm - 63cm - 87cm/ 33" - 24" - 34"
Bra size: 75B/ 34B
Shoe size: 36.5EU/ 6US
Dress size: XS - S/ 34 - 36EU
Hair: Long, auburn
Eye colour: Hazel
Piercing & tattoo: None

Smoking: No, except for occasional good cigar or hookah
Drinks: Coffee, wine & champagne, G&T or espresso martini. And still water ;)
Cuisine: Mediterranean



Days on which I am not available

I won't be available on the following dates in the upcoming weeks and months:

from January 12th to January 19th


Couples Welcomed

I'm delighted to share exciting news! As a high-class escort in the heart of Prague, I'm now offering intimate experiences for couples. Let's create unforgettable moments together, exploring passion, connection, and romance in this beautiful city. Allow me to be the spark that ignites your love story. 💖 #PragueEscort #CouplesExperience #HighClassRomance"



If you are using Gmail and have contacted me through the contact form but haven't received a response, please check your spam folder.


Where can we meet?

Currently I am living between Prague and Bratislava, so pick your favourite 4*/5* hotel. I am able to travel to majority of Czech and Slovak cities with a few days notice, and anywhere within six hours' flight distance from Vienna or Prague within a week’s notice.

How to get in touch?

If we haven't met yet, please use the contact form. If we already met, feel free to send me an email directly. I ONLY respond to scheduled phone calls and messages. Consider the impression you want to make, as mails like "Hello" or "Can you come to my hotel now?" will not receive any response from me.

Are your photos authentic?

Yes, absolutely! I do not use heavily edited photos and no retouch is use on my figure. I am confifent and proud about my body, I work hard to maintain my physique, training multiple times a week. Occasionally, I try to post selfies from time to time on my Instagram or Twitter and also my photos are verified here as well I am registered (and verified) at the

Can you send me more photos?

All my photos here and on my Instagram and Twitter are real and I try to keep them up to date. I do not send selfies/ photos of my face to anyone, as I value my privacy and safety. So I kindly ask you not to request any exceptions.

What are your rules?

Mutual respect and consent are must for me. Hence I will not tolerate my presonal bounderies being debated or pushed. Your bounderies will be respected the same way. I operate with protection for all forms of intimacy. It is not negotiable.

Who are you not meeting?

I was raised with strong values of equality, liberty and respect towards other opinions typical of European culture. If you hold a sense of superiority over others or you do not treat others with respect then we are not a match.
I also do not tolerate drugs of any kind, not even marijuana. If you meet me under influence or visibly intoxicated I reserve the right to end our date without any compesation for you.

What will you wear for our date?

Short answer: it depends on what kind of date you have in mind.
Long answer: I am a fan of capsule wardrobe, therefore , I value quality and uniqueness over quantity and popular brands. As a confident young women with my own style I would rather not be instructed on what to wear. Just share with me your idea of our date, what would be an appropiate attire and sprinkle it with some spicy details. When it comes to make up I prefer natural beauty over full glam look.

Screening process

If we are meeting in Slovakia or Czechia I will request only absolute minimum information about you, as your full name and proof of hotel reservation. In case you want me to travel to you, I need a little more, mainly the verification of your person. All of this serves just to secure my own safety More information

Donation and travel expences

The donation in € or CZK is expected to be given within first few minutes of our meeting. If we are meeting in public place you can put it inside a gift bag, small book or something similar. Please do not put me into a situation where I have to ask for donation, it can affect the whole time we spent together.
For meetings in the cities with good connection to Bratislava or Prague such as Brno, Ostava, Trnava, Žilina..., I am willing to travel by train. Round ticket for first class must be send to me at least 12 hours before train's departure. However, if you want to meet in less frequented places like vineyards or mountains, a private transfer paid in advance by you is required. I prefer to book my own plane ticket and its cost is added to the 20% deposit.


It's disheartening that this box is needed here in the 21st century, but here we are. I make sure to take excellent care of my personal hygiene and appearance, and I expect the same from you. To avoid any confusion; this means full body shower, brushed teeth and fresh clean clothes for our meeting. Neglected personal hygiene is not just a major turn off, but also a sign of disrespect toward me, therefore a dealbreaker. Additionally, I expect you to be in good health in time of our meeting, whether is sexual, mental, or physical health.

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