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Many successful men become so consumed with work that they forget to take time for themselves and enjoy life.

If you are short on time for a relationship, or you prefer not to get emotionally attached, maybe you just want to avoid the drama that often comes with relationships, but still wish to occasionally go on dates with a charming young lady when your schedule allows...

... you are probably looking for me. As an Independent Companion with a discreet, graceful demeanor and refined manners, education, and natural elegance, I am the perfect companion for those with refined taste. Thanks to my extensive travel experience, I have gained the ability to communicate effectively and engage in articulate conversations. Being a hedonist by nature, I have a passion for pleasure, which ensures that I can create an unforgettable and fulfilling experience for you.

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Prague & Bratislava

Date options available in Prague & Bratislava. These prices are also applicable for the entire Czechia and Slovakia. However, for other cities, the minimum booking duration is 6 hours.

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Brief Intoduction - 2 hours

Possible in Prague and Bratislava only

500€/ 12 500CZK

Cocktails Or Coffee - 4 hours

A delightful 4-hour engagement with a high-class companion in Prague, Bratislava, or nearby.

750€/ 18 500CZK

Dinner Date - 6 hours

A luxurious 6-hour journey through Slovakia and Czechia.

900€/ 22 500CZK

Half Day - 8 hours

An elegant 8-hour journey with a sophisticated escort.

1 050€/ 26 000CZK

Breakfast In Bed - up to 15 hous

An unforgattable night in the heart of Europe

1 500€/ 37 000CZK

Perfect Day - 24 hours

A full day of exclusive companionship across Slovakia and Czechia.

1 900€/ 47 000CZK

Romantic Rendezvous - 2 days

A 48-hour indulgence with a high-class companion for a truly memorable experience.

2 800€/ 69 000CZK


+ 200€/ +5 000CZK

Platonic Date - up to 3 hours

Let's explore the world around us, without any pressure. It's all about embracing the joy of spending time with someone special.

500€/ 12 500CZK

FMTY & Travel Dates

Would you prefer to meet me elsewhere? To be your sweet surprise after that conference you attending? Or do you want to add the seek for the best hotel bed to your vacation?

If you would like to arrange my travels to your location, I am available to fly anywhere in Europe, as well as any destinations within six hours flight distance from Vienna or Prague. For some selected close by cities I am also willing to travel by train. In this case, a deposit of 20%, in addition to full reimbursement of all travel expenses, is mandatory.

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Hello - Goodbye (6 hours)

Ideal for destinations comfortably reachable by train from Prague

1 200€/ 30 000CZK

Delightful Afternoon - 8 hours

Perfect for destinations within a 2-hour flight from Prague,an elegant 8-hour date with an elite travel companion.

1 400€/ 35 000CZK

Breakfast In Bed - up to 15 hours

Enjoy an extended overnight stay with a sophisticated companion, making every moment memorable.

2 000€/ 49 000CZK

Perfect Day - 24 hours

Available for any destination across Europe and the Middle East, offering a full day of exclusive companionship

2 400€/ 58 500CZK

One Day Is Not Enough - 36 hours

A day and a half of unforgettable experiences with a high-class escort, tailored to your desires.

2 800€/ 69 000CZK

Romantic Getaway - 48 hours

Truly immersive and indulgent two days with a travel companion.

3 200€/ 78 000CZK

Girlfriend & Pleasure Experience

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